Not Your Typical Treehouse

Developer: Fraternité-sur-Lac 

Architects: YH2 Architecture

Builder: Richer et Laurence 

Spahaus space: 1,000 to 1,400 sq. ft. Surface area of the land: 18,000 sq. ft.

"In 2012, its developers entrusted Montreal studio, YH2, with the challenge of creating a series of modern residences that would be integrated to the natural environment – hence targeting a new generation of homeowners who are sensitive to design, architecture and new standards with regards to interior and exterior developments. This approach marks a clear shift away from traditional log lodges, the mythical Canadian cabin or plywood-heavy alpine cottages surrounded by boutiques." These cabins are not to be confused with factory built homes, as the designers intend them to melt into nature and take into account the surroundings. Find the design best suited for your slice of heaven at V2COM

Photos by Julien Perron-Gagné

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