Bike Touring 101 class recap

Last Saturday we held a "Bike touring 101" class at the All Good store in Sacramento. The class was taught by our friend Kevin Z who shared his story of riding from Sacramento to New York. Kevin shared many insightful tips that he learned from his experience and general bike touring knowledge. If there was one thing we took away form this class; it was to step out of comfort zone, walk out our front door, and don't look back. Set out on your great adventure and have a story to pass down. This class was more than inspiring. We are definitely looking forward to sharing this class with you guys again.

Kevin suggested Mountain Biking shoes with the clips. They are much easier to walk around in when taking breaks from the road. 


After finding out the hard way that one leg was longer than the other, Kevin had to do a little custom extension to his clip. 


Not all Bikes are made for long distance rides. Kevin recommends a nice 80's steel frame. 


Coffee is key when spending many months on the road. This will help you conquer any terrain! 


Q and A after the class. We couldn't get enough of his story. 


these images were taken along Kevin's trip. Here's Kevin enjoying some back roads. 


Canyon Lands!


More epic red rock formations. 


There's a storm brewing...


Thanks for sharing this amazing adventure with us Kevin! You've inspired us all.

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