Drew in Maui

"Recently I had the pleasure of going on a vacation to Hawaii. It wasn’t a type of a vacation where I wanted to just sit around and do nothing, I can do that at home. I wanted to take full advantage of my very short time on the island of Maui and I feel as if I did a pretty damn good job. Besides the beautiful beaches and coral reefs that Maui is famous for, it also is home to some of the wettest areas in the world with rain averages of over 400 inches per year. The first full day I had on the island I set out to explore those areas, and what i came across was one of the most beautiful and breathtaking rainforests I have ever seen. The highlight of the trip was a hike to Waimoku Falls in the Oheo Gulch (otherwise know as the Seven Sacred Pools) where you hike through a bamboo rainforest and pass numerous waterfalls. The ending is a huge 400 ft waterfall in the middle of a scene that looks like something from Jurassic Park. The plant life was amazing and coming from a state in the midst of a drought, it all seemed unreal. The place where i stayed was on the northwest side of the island and every morning at the cove there would be about 10 to 15 giant sea turtles who didn’t mind having an extra swimming partner. They would feed on the reef and wouldn’t even budge at the sight of a human.  It was a much needed vacation with some of the best seafood you can get, I recommend trying a fish called the mongchong. Great views, great food, and a break from the daily routine! Hawaii will forever hold a special place in my heart not only for the beauty, but for the relaxed attitudes and mystery surrounding the land and sea" --Andrew Marotte from All Good's Sales Team

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