How To: Pitch a Tent

Summer wouldn't be complete without a good camping trip. And nothing is more important in a good camp then a successful tent. No one wants to wake up in a puddle of water, or too sore to hike because they set up the tent on rocks. In efforts to help you have the best tent set-up, we've compiled a few guidelines. And in case you didn't even get to guideline number one, hopefully you have a tarp. 

1. Buy the right size tent for the party. Whether you are going solo or bringing the whole fam, make sure there is room (or rooms if you are taking the luxury route) enough for everyone. 

2. Pick the right spot. Flat, in this case, is what you want. If you can't have flat than keep your head on higher ground. Clear the area of anything poking out or looking like it wants to impale you.

3. Under and Over.  Layout a tarp under your tent to avoid moisture, and add protection. Likewise, use the fly cover on top that should come with your tent. 

If  all you have is a tarp, choose from one of the many options below.
Hopefully you also brought rope. 


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