Knivskjellodden, Norway. One of the ten most epic hikes in Europe at just over eleven miles. Here's an excerpt straight outta Fodor's, because we couldn't have said it better. 

"It's not the length of this hike that makes it epic, or even the terrain. It's the seclusion—and the fact that you're walking to the northernmost point of mainland Europe. North Cape (Nordkapp) is mistakenly attributed that honor, but there's a remote, rocky trail to the west that goes 5.6 miles further to Cape Knivskjellodden, the actual northernmost point. Bring camping gear and plan to spend the night at Knivskjellodden to maximize your time at this iconic destination. Then walk back the next morning."

Insider Tip: Unless you're planning to cross-country ski, this hike is only possible in the summer. Otherwise, the Arctic landscape is covered in snow.

Plan Your Trip: Visit Fodor's Norway Guide

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