Dune Cabin

Terschelling, Netherlands. 
Coordinates: 53°24′N 5°19′E

Marc Koehler Architects have constructed the modern cabin in the northern islands of The Netherlands. Finished in 2014, this loft-style house provides a breath-taking view to on-lookers and a view of the North Sea to the home's dwellers. According to Matt Watts at Home Adore, "The forces of nature prevalent in the environment – the sea, the sunlight and the local wind patterns – determine the design in such a way as if they themselves had sculpted the house. It is above all a very contextual design and for this reason every material was chosen after close examination of the colors and textures found in the environment." This cabin in the dunes provides an architectural aesthetic as well as an ode to its environment, all coming together to make our jaws drop in awe. 

Photography courtesy of Marc Koehler Architects

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