Backpacking Yosemite

Tamarack Flat to El Capitan and Eagle Peak 
20+ Miles 
2500+ elevation gain
2-3 day hike

A few of our friends headed out to Yosemite this month and sent us a recap of the hike. As per usual, Yosemite National Park didn't disappoint. If you plan to retrace their steps, you better go now before the weather turns. Check out the NPS website for camping permits and trail maps. 

Day One: Tamarack Flat Campgrounds to Ribbon Meadows. A little over 6 mile hike to the camp spot for the night. 

Day 2: Ribbon Meadows to the top of El Capitan with an epic view of Half Dome. Then trekked the
rest of the way to Eagle Peak. 

A bit of rain blew threw Yosemite, but didn't slow our stride. 

Day 3: Heading back home with an great view to end it all. 



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