Gone for the Weekend : Hang Son Doong

This week's dream weekend is from the adventurous desires of our in-house waterfall expert, Drew. If he wasn't heading out for a camping/waterfall exploration in California, he would be heading to the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong located in Vietnam. 

It was discovered in 1991 by a local but was recently brought to he world’s attention by a group of British scientists. There are rivers and forests running through this cave as well as beaches. Some of the trees are as tall as 30 m.There are certain openings of the cave that you can fit skyscrapers into. Recently in 2013, a Vietnam based adventure group called Oxalis, has opened up guided tours of the cave where you camp in there for up to a week. For the full experience, watch the video below! Definitely one of the many marvels of mother nature.

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