The Cape Cod Modern House Trust

Described as "a cross between summer camp and Paris in the '20s," the modern cabins of Cape Cod have been revived. The Cape Cod Modern House Trust has leased and restored three endangered modern houses  as platforms for creativity and scholarship. And they are worthy of all praise. The Hatch House in particular is a great example of the hybrid designs. 

"The experimental Hatch Cottage was designed by Jack Hall in 1960 for Robert Hatch, an editor of The Nation and his wife Ruth, a painter. The family occupied the cottage until 2008 when ownership reverted to the National Park Service. CCMHT recieved a lease in 2012 and finished restoration in spring 2013. Since then the cottage has hosted four artist/scholar residencies. All the original furniture and artwork has been re-installed by the Hatch family."


Images © Kent Dayton


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