Gone For The Weekend: 24 Hours to Zion

A work trip to the Las Vegas Agenda Tradeshow doesn't have to mean pacing through the endless aisles of brand after brand. Ryan and Mark, a couple of our Warehouse Boyz, took to the road to visit the surrounding landscape. Mark D, of memoryburnzine.com, and professional box boy, takes us along for the journey. 

"Zion Canyon has always been a bucket list destination for me. We only had twenty-four house to explore and I knew that wouldn't be enough time. We chose to spend our time in the Narrows, which is the most sought out trail in the park. Major thanks to our new friend Kathryn (@kat_ryalls) for letting us crash her campsite and for cooking us dinner. You really do meet the best of people on the open road. Until next time Utah!"

All Photos by Mark Dillon. See more on our instagram @allgxxd

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