McKinley to Denali

Denali ("The High One"). A suitable moniker for the highest peak in North America, and now, thanks to Obama, the official name of what we previously knew at Mt. Mckinley. released an article stating, "His excursion north of the Arctic Circle will make Obama the first sitting president to step foot in the Alaska Arctic... In a major show of solidarity, Obama announced on the eve of his trip that his administration is changing the name of North America’s tallest peak, Mount McKinley, to Denali, its traditional Athabascan name."

Not only did this breathtaking mountain get a new name, but also, a new recorded height. While it still has claim to the being the "highest" it has diminished in size. 

According to USA Today, "A new, official height for Denali has been measured at 20,310 feet, which is 10 feet less than the previous elevation of 20,320 feet that had been measured using 1950s-era technology. The mountain didn't actually shrink but rather new, more accurate technology was used to measure its height." 

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