Biking the California Coast

Josh Land picked up some All Good, got on his bike, and headed down the California Coast. After a successful ride, Land delivered us a few great shots and an even better product review. 

"I’ve worn clothes for years. Thirty, to be exact. In this time I’ve blown through an incredulously high number pants and shorts. The thing that tends to affect these garments the most, for me, is bicycling. As an avid rider, averaging 100 miles a week, the crotch of my pants usually can’t hold up to the stress I put on it. At this point I’ve put about almost 1000 miles on the gear that I got from All Good and not a rip, tear, unstitching or explosion has happened, either in pants or shirts. 5 days of 100 miles a day on California’s stellar, ocean hugging Highway 1 left me feeling quite groovy (and chafe free!) wearing these garments.

Will this brand feel good if you are laying back with friends in the sand and will it keep you stylish while you stroll the streets and fields in your neck of the woods? Yes indeed they will.

Are these the clothes you should wear for any and all occasions? Running a marathon? Hiking K2? To your wedding? To your funeral? Maybe. Probably not. But you know what, you could. And if you were to ask your marathon coach/hiking partner/bride/groom/pallbearer, “Hey, how do I look?”, I see them responding, “All good.”



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