How To: Build A Cabin

Renting a cabin is never a bad time, owning a cabin would be awesome, but building one to call your own would be the ultimate setup. Luckily,  shed a little light on how to build your own cabin. It's not an easy task, but it won't totally break the bank either. Add some furniture, and voila, you're set for life. Follow the step below, and let us know how your humble abode turns out!


2  2"x4"x16' PT bd.
4  2"x4"x16' bd.
2  2"x4"x12' PT bd.
4  2"x4"x12' bd.
40  2"x4"x92 5/8" precut studs
18  4'x8' sheets ext. rev. board
1  32" door & knob
2  24"x36" windows

10  cinder blocks
 2"x6"x20' bd.
11  2"x6"x12' bd.
2  6"x6"x12' bd.
6  ¾"x4'x8' OSB
8  1"x6"x12' bd. Roof     
11  12' trusses (4/12 pitch)
10  7/16"x4'x8' OSB
 2"x8"x10' bd. 
#15 felt (2 rolls)
Shingles (4 sq.)

Caulk (1 tube) 
8d galvanized nails (10 lb.)
8d common 
nails (10 lb.)
16d common nails (15 lb.)
Rfng. nails (10 lb.)

1. Designate a level 12x20-foot building site and position a cinder block at the four corners. Place two additional blocks an equal distance apart on each of the two long sides, and one additional block centered on each end.

2. Frame the deck on top of the blocks using two 2"x6"x20' boards for sides and 11 2"x6"x12' boards (24 inches on center) for floor joists. Cut them all down to 11 feet 9 inches to keep the actual cabin width at 12 feet. 

3. Square the floor section by measuring diagonally. Sheet the rear 12x16-foot portion of the deck with 3/4"x4'x8' sheets of tongue-and-groove OSB. 

4. Frame the walls for a 12x16-foot building, leaving a 4x12 front porch. Build the walls using 2"x4"x92 5/8" precut studs at 24 inches on center. Build each side wall 15 feet 10 1/2 inches long to leave room for a front cripple to support the porch beams. The front and rear walls will be 11 feet 5 inches to fit between the side walls. Use pressure-treated 2"x4" boards for the bottom plates. 

5. Frame both side walls to fit a 24-inch-wide by 36-inch-tall window, and frame the front for a 32-inch steel door. Install headers for the door and windows.

6. Install a 6"x6"x12' pressure-treated post on each front corner. Bury them at least 36 inches in the ground and notch them to accept a double 2"x8" header by cutting off 3x7 1/2 inches from the outside top of the post. 

7. To make headers, cut 49 1/2-inch pieces from 2"x8" boards and nail two together for each. Insert the header on top of the post and run it to the cripple on the front of the side wall. 

8. Cover the front 4x12-foot section of the deck with 1"x6"x12' pressure-treated decking.

9. Install the 4'x8' sheets of exterior reverse board on all four walls. Cut out door and window frames.

10. Install the 11 roof trusses 24 inches on center. Sheet the roof with 7/16"x4'x8' sheets of OSB. Cover the roof with #15 felt paper. Install the roofing shingles. 

11. Install exterior reverse board on the front and rear gables. 

12. Install the windows and the door. Caulk around them. Paint the door. Stain the exterior. Attach a deer rack above the door, or a lucky horse shoe, or anything else you see fit. 

 For a step-by-step illustrated guide, you can also check out instructions here 

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