Early mornings in San Clemente

The sun shines 324 days a year San Clemente. That's tight. If you live somewhere the sun doesn't shine nearly that much you should be very jealous. Like London, if you're in London reading this... get jealous right now.  Anyways, a sunny morning in San Clemente is seriously about as good as it gets. A sunny morning in San Clemente combined with a walk on the beach trail is about the best that California has to offer and California has a lot to offer. Cactus, succulents, birds of paradise, lifeguard towers, pelicans, Amtrak Coastliner and the San Clemente pier make San Clemente one of the best places in the world to wake up to. 

Cacti x Spanish Colonial
Birds of Paradise
I'll meet you for coffee at tower 4 and we'll contemplate if it's even worth paddling out.
That pier tho
All Good Details
All Good Starboard jacket- great for mornings on the coast.
Dew drop-in.

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