Camp Wandawega

How this place existed and we are only finding out about it now is unfathomable. Here's our short version of the long and outstanding history of Camp Wandawega. We left a few links for you to check out at the end so that you too could spend countless hours getting lost in the stories. For the full tour and more stories, see it for yourself at Camp Wandawega.

In the early to mid 1900s Wandawega was a bit rough around the edges. The Wandawega Historical Society describes it as, "a mid-range ‘resort:’ not an exclusive establishment, reserved for the upper classes, but neither was it one of the back alley Chicago whorehouses." From this to an illicit house of moonshine, to gaining its brothel name "Orphan Annie's," the property didn't make a change for the good until after the 1950s. From a family-ran camp to a kids camp ran by Latvian priests, this land became a fond youthful memory for many. And after it all, it was one of these camp-going kids that ended up re-opening Camp Wandawega. It is now a place where the two owners, are working to find the "right balance of hosting artistic and cultural culinary events that they don’t make money on with 'strangers to offset the pro-bono things,' according to Adventure Journal. Book the "surplus inventory" of cabins at AirBnB or email


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