How To: Build a Zipline

First and foremost, in full disclaimer, we take no responsibility of your zip line building. But if you build it, we would love to see it, and maybe even test it out! Zipline Gear has quite a few all inclusive options to choose from when starting your Zipline lifestyle. The Rogue Zip Line Combo Kit can take you 500 feet with ease and includes everything "down to the nuts and bolts", as they say. Now you can take that vacation experience and set it up in your backyard, over your favorite river, or into the wilderness. Zipline Gear even has a tree-protector to keep our trees happy. Get the gear and then get outdoors to set it up! You can start with these helpful links and the "Zip Line" Basics. 

  1. Zip Line Design
  2. Wire Rope Fittings
  3. Installation Tips
  4. Standards

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