Gone For The Weekend: Beijing [Part One]

Beijing, China. It's amazing to be in a place surrounded by workmanship dating back over 600 years ago. Some parts of the Great Wall date back to 7th Century BC! Even though you can't actually see it from space, the great feat of building a wall over 13,000 miles long is enough to marvel at. Similarly, the Forbidden City and nearby temples also inspire awe. The hand painted details and craftsmanship of the lives devoted make these timeless landmarks truly inspiring. Beijing has over 20 million residents, and yet still captures the essence of a time so far gone. It's a destination worth the travel.
Great Wall Mutianyu

Forbidden City 

Silk Factory, Stretching the Silk to Make A Duvet

Temple of The White Pagoda, Beihai Park

Beijing Hot Pot

Hutong Rickshaws


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