"At Design Miami 2015 in Miami Beach, designer Yves Béhar has been honored as the Design Miami Design Visionary of the Year for his contributions to design and the humanitarian efforts of his studio such as the INDEX-award winning One Laptop Per Child and See Better To Learn Better."

Yves Béhar is not only a creative director and established product designer, but also a surfer. This year for Miami’s annual art week, Béhar created his dream surf shack turned gallery. “It’s the shack I’ve always wanted to build. Boards are one of the remaining bespoke craft objects. They’re always customized to your height, weight, and requirements.”

With art week wrapped up, this installation surfboards and all, will be put to good use for the creator himself in his Northern California home base. See more from Béhar and colleagues at Fuse Project

Photos courtesy Yves Béhar

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