Hiking In The Rain - Point Reyes Light House

Hiking in the rain can be, and in some cases, is better than hiking on a sunny day. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the rain. It's fun to experience your favorite trail or landmarks in all types of weather conditions. Just to get a new prospective on things. The rain is nice for a number of reasons such as the heavily saturated colors of the landscape. It makes for really nice and dramatic photos. Another great thing about the rain is that it usually scares away the majority of the people you would have to share the trail with. Its fun to be part of the few who are willing to sacrifice dryness and comfort for fun!  

Here's a check list of a few essentials you will need to bring along to make the day a little easier on you...

1.Rain boots and a nice water resistant jacket duh.

2.Change of clothes. No matter what, you're getting wet. 

3. Plastic bag to water proof your camera. You're going to want to bring a camera.

4. A nicely covered trail that has lots of trees to act as an umbrella. Though I wouldn't let that limit you to where you should venture out.

5. With any hike, you will want to bring some trail mix or nuts and some water. 

Happy hiking!

Always have a good playlist to compliment your drive 

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