Crystal Ice Cave Tours: Lava Beds

Lava Beds National Monument is located in the utmost northern reaches of California and is the humble  home to Crystal Ice Cave. The scenery at Lava Beds is close to unreal; "Stranger than fiction" as they say. If you make your way to Northern California, don't miss this place!

"Crystal Ice Cave contains some of the most spectacular ice formations among Lava Beds' many caves. Because of the sensitive nature of this cave's formations and its cold environment, Crystal Ice Cave is open to park visitors only on small ranger-guided tours during the winter months.

Tour participants must use upper body strength to ascend a sheer, 50-foot long sloped ice floor on a rope, must be able to crawl through a tight hole, and have enough fitness and coordination to negotiate loose, boulder-strewn floors, and icy patches safely."


     Photos by Jason Robert George

    Reservations for these tours can be made up to three weeks in advance and are very competitive.
    Head to the NPS website or Call the visitor center at 530-667-8113 after 8:30 am for more information or to make tour reservations.



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