Celebrating The Victories: Surfrider Foundation

In the last ten years Surfrider Foundation has been a leading force in protecting our oceans and coasts, celebrating nearly 350 campaign victories! The latest victory passed just last month in California in efforts to clean up our oceans. A victory like this is a huge step in the right direction to meet goals of a clean ocean within the next ten years; Or, according to Boyan Slat, by the year 2020! Check out Slat's mission in the video below. And head to Surfrider Foundation to get involved in making this hefty task a reality. 

California's Trash Policy Becomes Law. January 2016 Victory documented by Surfrider Foundation.  

"Surfrider Foundation advocated before the State Water Resources Control Board in California for a strong statewide rule to prevent trash from entering our waters.

The California Water Board issued new water quality standards for preventing trash in California’s waters.  The standards are part of the state’s new Trash Control Policy, designed to address the plastic pollution and other trash that wreaks havoc on our marine environment. In effect, this new law requires all stormwater permits (including those held by municipalities) to be revised in the next 18 months to include trash provisions and for permittees to reach compliance with the zero trash goal within 10 years.  It also authorizes Regional Water Boards to issue the equivalent of non-point source permits (Waste Discharge Requirements) to areas that produce significant amounts of trash (for example, at popular campgrounds, picnic areas, beach recreational areas and marinas.)"


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