#TBT : All Good Expedition Goes to Nicaragua

It's hard to imagine a surf trip that isn't epic. I mean, for starters, you have to be near a beach. And if you're anywhere near a beach, you're having a good time. When you get to travel to a place like Nicaragua, you end getting way more than just epic waves and pina coladas on the beach. In fact, that was just the tip of the ice burg. 

We flew into the city of Managua and I immediately felt like I was in another world. There's ox drawn wagons on the major streets, kids were lighting of fire crackers at the airport, and every so often, there was fruit and vegetable stands along the side of the road. Most people traveled by bike or motorcycle. Those who hitched rides piled into the back of pickups till you couldn't fit another human. Even then they would sit on the roof of the truck just to get to where they were going. I loved this country already! 

Our home for the week was a semi resort/yoga retreat in San Juan Del Sur which is roughly 3 hours from the City of Managua. It was our own little oasis just 5 minutes from the beach and a solid 15 min hitched ride into town. We woke up to a solid breakfast every morning followed by yoga on the beach. After we loosened up and rolled our yoga mats up, it was time to catch some waves! Our adventures were perfected by the local ties from We Stay Lost, a local adventure/surf/travel company that we worked with to set us up proper. 

 With in our group, the skill level for surfing ranged from, "Im pretty sure I know how to swim" to "I got the hang of this now". But we were all well versed on adventure and having a rad time! I wouldn't say we all became experts in those seven days, but we did all catch a wave and became more confident than ever! 

With all our expeditions, we like to mix in as much activities as possible. On our third day in, we took a trip to Rivas, which is about an hour and a half drive from San Juan Del Sur. We hitched a ride into town, hopped into a larger van, and off were went! We made a pit stop to feed one of the local monkey's (Steve) and continued to the beach. Next on our list was a 300 foot cliff repel followed by a Booze cruise into the sunset.

As much as I love being suspended in the air, 300 feet off the ground, I couldn't have been more happy to have my feet on solid ground. With my adrenaline still pumping, it was right on to the next adventure, the Booze Cruise! We stepped aboard Captain Ceviche's boat and was immediately greeted with his fine mixed Jungle Juice. Once we were feeling a little more loose, it was time for some cliff jumping. Nothing beats watching the sun set on the open sea. Soon it was back to the beach and back to San Juan Del Sur for pizza night at the local bar! Though there was a mandatory pit stop. Ceviche swore the best chicken around could only be found at the local gas station. Curiosity got the best of us and we just had to try it. Not too bad.


Another morning came and we rose with the sun. And just like clock work, we hiked to the beach, had our morning yoga and caught some waves. We've always liked the idea of leaving a positive impact with our group and the community we venture into. So on this expedition we linked up with the Barrio Planta Project. Its an after school programmed to encourage the local kids to explore art and dance freely but more importantly they integrate the English language into the curriculum. This way the local children can learn to speak English and have a better chance at finding work later on in life in their home town as tourism is there major economical  driver. We spent the day playing games and learning traditional dance. What an awesome project to be apart of and to know there's projects like this going on to bette the future of locals in a tourist community. 

One of our last adventures was spent touring the town on ATVs. It just so happened to be on the heaviest of rainy days. Which made it all the more better to rip around the dirt trails! We got a birds eye view of the town from the Christ Of Mercy Statue and then took the ATV's to the beach. Cruised back into town with our tanks empty and we had yet another awesome day in the books. 

Our last night was spent at "Taco Night" at another hotel/bar up the way from where we were staying. We walked into a party full of familiar faces. For those seven days, we had become apart of the community of surfer and yogi's who call San Juan Del Sur home. We enjoyed tacos, endless Floura De Cana rum, and mini golf. We couldn't have ended the trip any better. One last hurrah with all the friends we made! Until next time San Juan Del Sur!!!!

All Good Expedition : Nicaragua from All Good on Vimeo.


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