All Good Expedition: Havasupai

Havasupai has definitely gained a ton of popularity in the last few years. It seems to be a direct correlation between the instagram boom and the "go outside" hashtag. I admit it, I never heard of the place until last year when someone tagged me in a photo. It was a photo of Beaver Falls and the caption simple said, " Yes, the water is really that blue." I was sold. If you're unfamiliar, Havasupai is located in the south rim of the Grand Canyon and gets its name from the Havasupai tribe who inhabit the canyon. "Havasu" means blue-green water, which is clearly fitting. So when you add this place to your bucket list, be sure to put it as close to the top as possible. It won't disappoint. 
The hike into the canyon is about 12 miles. It begins with a down hill switch back into the canyon where the majority of the hike is relatively flat and easy going. Just make sure to step aside when the caravan of horses comes trotting through. And watch out for horse poop along the trail floor. 

The first fall you come across is Navajo Falls. It's roughly 9 miles into the hike and is the perfect spot to take a break from the trail and get your feet wet. The river is made up of little tea cup pools with a 30ft waterfall at the end - perfect for jumping off. After jumping in, be sure to swim behind the fall and hang out in the natural grado!


We started the second day of our trip with a blessing from Fidel, one of the locals from the tribe. He sang, we danced, and then started on our 8 mile loop to Beaver Falls.  

Mooney Falls was our first stop along the trail the Beaver Falls. A 210 ft waterfall that takes a steady set of hands and feet to climb down into. Through a series of caves and carved out steps with chains to hang on to. It's quite the rush! 


We woke up early on our last night and began our 12 mile hike out. The sun was just coming up and sky was painted with pink and blue. We said our last goodbyes to Fidel on our way out and he told us to come back anytime. I'm pretty confident that we'll take him up on his offer. 

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