All Good Expedition : Joshua Tree

As if in a dream, where time functions differently or not at all, the three days in Joshua Tree didn’t seem to abide to a linear timeline. The All Good Expedition, with a group of ten, some meeting for the very first time, took us to Joshua Tree for a weekend of climbing adventures and exploring the mysteries of desert life. We did start somewhere; after which, the rest can all be thought of as inclusive. Setting up camp at Balsa Ranch consisted mostly of horseshoes and getting acquainted. Having a gourmet meal ready before we could pitch our tents set the mood for a weekend like I have never experienced before.

It wasn’t just that first meal that lingers on in my mind, but the trip in its entirety; The limitless horizons, even perhaps the geomagnetic forces beneath the ground, and definitely the good company. There’s something to be said about the relationships you form after having a sound bath together. If ever there was a place that a sound bath should be taken, The Integratron is definitely that. The guide, along with the astonishingly beautiful quartz bowls, led us into the history and meditative state that The Integratron possesses.  I can’t vouch for the validity of the claims that designer and UFOlogist George Van Tassel made about cell rejuvenation, but I can agree that I did leave feeling recharged. I was recharged from a day of facing the mental and physical challenges of learning to climb.

We had spent the mornings surrounding ourselves by a landscape that is unexplainable and completely unique to Joshua Tree National Park. Secured by ropes and harness, and guided by professionals, we summited faces that undeniably granted us the best views of the park. I found the experience of doing something totally new and somewhat out of my control to be exhausting in the most rewarding way. I could say this same thing about riding passenger in a UTV; only being able to see the sky, nothing beyond that tipping point between our acceleration uphill and our unimaginable descent. Some of my most unforgettable memories are at that point of holding your breath, anticipating the unknown.

Stories are only as good as the interpreter lets them be, and the experience only as good as those you share it with. Campfires lend themselves to be perfect vessels to carry tales to grandeur. The mountains we faced grew larger, the Yucca Man became fact, and our group of ten melted into a larger entity of the all-inclusive “expedition”. 

In efforts of creating an offline experience:
Expedition curated and designed by All Good
Gourmet Catering by Love Grub Organic
Lodging by Balsa Ranch
Climbing Guiding by Cliffhanger Guides
Photos by Will Thompson


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