Nicaragua: Help A Child Grow

Our latest expedition took us to San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua where we were fortunate enough to link up with the Help A Child Grow project through the Barrio Planta Project (BPP). The BPP provides free supplementary education to the children of San Juan Del Sur and the surrounding areas. The school focuses on art and music to facilitate creativity and performance based activities like dance to help promote confidence with in the kids. The main objective of the BPP is to give the local children a chance at learning english as a second language which betters their future with in the local work force. The tourism industry is making it harder for locals to work with in the local community as speaking english is becoming more and more of a requirement. 

During our visit, we played a form of musical chairs, "red light, green light", and did a number of dances with the kids. Dyani Makous, the organizations founder, told us how important it is to the kids to have english speaking visitors stop in and play games and create positive memories with the kids. They're so used to seeing the tourist as drunk bar hopping surfers in search for the next cold drink. So work directly with the kids in a positive manner helps break down that stigma between locals and tourists. 


Thanks again to the BPP for everything they do and for having us be apart of their objective! To find more information about the BPP or information on how you can help, check out their website at

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