Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

August started off pretty solid. The nine hour road trip from California to Utah, although uneventful, takes you through some pretty cool ghost towns. Not to mention landscape that goes from mountain ranges, to moon-like horizons, to rocky formations, and an abundance of tumbleweeds. Arriving in Salt Lake City and stretching out the ol' legs couldn't have felt better. We took the trip for Outdoor Retailer Trade show, but snuck away every chance we got. Making our rounds at the tradeshow brought us heaps of inspiration and power talks with brands that speak our same language. It's a good feeling knowing there are brands out there who are down to get into some crazy adventures together. We made a lot of plans that we hope to share sooner than later. It's hard to hold back our excitement! Outside of the confines of the Salt Palace Convention Center is where we found our favorite type of motivation. The great outdoors. We'll spare the drawn out tales of grandeur. Photos always seem to tell these stories the best. Saw some amazing views from Capitol Reef to Mt. Aire in the Wasatch Range. We'll be back for more soon!





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