Stay Wild Adventure Festival

Last weekend, Stay Wild Magazine held their first ever Adventure Festival and we had the pleasure to be apart of it. The three day festival featured a knife throwing contest, a "kook out" surf competition, a motor cycle meet up that rode to the beach via Strange Vacation, and that's just to name a few of the awesome field trips they had to offer. 

Our adventure began as soon as we started the car. We had a mandatory stop at the Corning skatepark and another stop to play in Oregon's Rogue River. The following day the festival began and we took no time in taking advantage of the free beers and burgers in the "Chill Zone". We met Portland's locals and showed them what Sacramento's been up to. Then came the live music and day one was in the bag. 
Day two began with a drive to Ocean City, Oregon for the Kook Out Surf Competition. This was a blast! It was nice to escape Portland's heat wave for some cooler weather and tasty waves. The Strange Vacation crew met on the beach to offset the the colorful beach vibes with some black leather. The BBQ was hot and the beers were cold...You really couldn't have asked for a better place to be. Every Kook was a winner that day! 
The last day we shaped surfboards with Shaper Studios, did a photo walk with John Hook, did some nature print making with 3 Fish Studios and Pine Fort Press and wrapped up the final day of the festival. Of course, there was another mandatory stop at the Eugene Skatepark before making it back home to Sacramento. 

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