All Good is proud to present the latest collaboration with San Francisco's Westfalyeah, by artist Sean Grimes. The collection features the artist's signature style, capturing classic Westfalia Vans geared up in an All Good Fashion, packed and ready for all your outdoor activities. Read more about Sean, Westfalyeah, and peep the full collection below. 


Who is Sean Grimes?

I'm an art director, designer and creative thinker currently living in San Francisco. I'm originally from Arizona where I hated the heat, but developed the love and skills of design. I worked there as a graphic designer until deciding to pack up and trade the Grand Canyon State for beautiful Colorado. I spent two incredible years snowboarding in the Rockies before I decided to move across state lines again. This time, heading to San Francisco.



Why Westfalyeah?

I’ve always been a huge fan of the classic Volkswagen Bus and over the years slowly started getting into the later model Vangaons. I guess it’s a natural progression with these vehicles. Westfalyeah kind of started by accident. I started illustrating Vanagons I admired on Instagram. It was a creative outlet for me and I had no plans of sharing these designs or posting them on the internet. Then I attended my first van meet up, “Burning Van” in Ocean Beach, San Francisco where I got a real feel for what the van community is all about. I met great people who were happy to let me drool over their vans. They were eager to share stories of their travels and chat about van upgrades and modifications. From that point, I was hooked. I didn’t have a van of my own yet but I just knew I had to be a part of this awesome community. I started by posting one of the first vans I fell in love with and I was a bit nervous for people’s reactions. Would they hate it? Would the van owner be upset? Would nobody care? But I was shocked by the overwhelming response. The van community welcomed me and my artwork. Since then, it’s been super fun. I continue to design real life Vanagons, Buses and Eurovans and have had the opportunity to meet and connect with great, inspiring people.


What is it about Westfalias?

I really can’t narrow it down to one thing and its kind of difficult to explain. When asked by others, a lot of people don’t fully understand the concept and my obbsession behind these vehicles. It’s a combination of several things I like including traveling, being outdoors, living and organizing small spaces, photography and getting off the internet. 


The Design

When creating illustrations, I try to be as accurate as possible by capturing as much detail but still keeping it simple. I’m big into simplicity, using solid shapes, bold outlines and bright colors. I take objects and break them down by finding the simple shapes that make it come to life in vector. I try to design each van a little different so that my work is not all exactly the same. At a glance, my gallery feed on Instagram looks very similar although the small details have been changed. I’ll get into the weeds, zooming in at 64000% to round the corner of a shape or redesign the headlight, side view mirror or to make sure the rims and wheels look like they should. 


Follow along for the ride at instagram.com/westfalyeah #liveslowdriveslower

Shop the full collection here




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